In recent years, the consumption fresh dragon fruit has been quite slow, so many people have creative processed into convenient dishes and drinks such as bread, smoothies, juices, etc. In this article, Ant Farm will Introduce new products made from dragon fruit that you may not know.

 Dragon fruit with white and red flesh

I. Nutritional value of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit – a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals such as A, C, iron, calcium, and fiber. In 100 grams of dragon fruit only 60 calories but provide 3g of fiber, making it a perfect choice for health. Eating dragon fruit daily helps supplement antioxidants, protect cells from the effects of free radicals, help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, improve digestive function and skin health.

II. New products made from dragon fruit you may not know

1. Dried dragon fruit

Taking advantage of abundant raw materials from local to process into a new product - Dried Dragon Fruit, sliced thinly into pieces. Using the direct drying method, the process dehydrates the fruit, while still retaining its nutritional.

Dried dragon fruit

Dried dragon fruit is popular with many customers because of newness, convenience and delicious. It's also a very special gift for those who like to snack and eat dry, fast food. In addition, dried dragon fruit can also be made into detox tea, suitable for those who are losing weight and helps cool the body.

2. Dragon fruit jam

The holidays are coming, what could be better than a new fragrant, sweet and sour jam beautifully packaged like candy,  sip with a cup of hot tea with family, friends and relatives. 

Dragon fruit jam

In addition, you can also easily make this jam at home. Just take some time to puree the dragon fruit intestines and marinate with sugar. Then put it in a pan over low heat until the dragon fruit thickens, then it in the sun so that the jam has a thick, flexible consistency, and you've finished this snack! Besides, you can also use white-fleshed dragon fruit to make this jam.

3. Dragon fruit wine

Fruit wine has good health benefits and moderate concentration so women can also use it, including dragon fruit wine with a beautiful pink-red color that attracts everyone.

Red flesh dragon fruit wine

First, the taste when first drunk will concentration of fermented dragon fruit that stimulates the tongue. Next will be a sweet aftertaste. You should add a few ice cubes when drinking to avoid severe neck.

You can also make the above products at home. It only takes a little time to have great snacks and drinks 😊

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