Does Passion Fruit Contain Vitamin C?


Passion fruit is a tropical fruit known for its tangy flavor and health benefits, making it a favorite among many. So, you might be wondering if passion fruit contains vitamin C. Let's Ant Farm article to find out how much vitamin C is present in a passion fruit!

Does Passion Fruit Contain Vitamin C?

I. Vitamin C in Passion Fruit

According to health experts at MedicineNet, the recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women. Therefore, it's necessary to have a scientific diet to provide the necessary amount of vitamin C for the body. Vitamin C is often in fruits and vegetables.

Passion fruit is one of the fruits that contains large amounts of vitamin C. It is estimated that 100g of passion fruit pulp contains approximately 30 mg of vitamin C, meets about 9% of the daily nutritional value.

Vitamin C in one passion fruit equals 8 oranges and the polyphenols are more than in other fruits such as bananas, mangoes, lychees, papayas,.....according to research by a University in France.

In addition, passion fruit also contains many other minerals, especially fiber, vitamin A, iron, potassium, many amino acids and other compounds that are good for health.

Vitamin C in a Passion Fruit

II. Benefits of Vitamin C in Passion Fruit for Health

Vitamin C is one of 13 vitamins necessary for the body. Vitamin C in passion fruit helps increase resistance, collagen production, and beautify skin. In addition, vitamin C also contain polyphenols that help the body avoid infectious diseases caused by free radicals, delay the aging process, whiten skin, clear up blemishes, and improve eyesight.

Besides, other nutritional in passion fruit such as fiber, vitamin A, calories, potassium,... helps the body prevent constipation, reduces the risk of colon cancer, reduces cholesterol and enhances cardiovascular health, helps balance the body's water and electrolytes, maintains normal functioning of many organs, helps reduce symptoms of insomnia and is good for people with diabetes.

Although passion fruit brings many health benefits, if not used correctly or abused, it can cause dangerous health problems such as kidney stones, allergies, appendicitis, bleeding risk, and drowsiness.

In short, passion fruit contains vitamin C necessary for the body, but you should not overuse it. You should only use 1 to 2 fruits per day and need amount used properly throughout the day. Hopefully Ant Farm's article will bring you useful information.

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