Durian exports in the first eight months of 2023 reached over 1.2 billion USD, nearly tripling the previous year's figure, thanks to the strong resurgence in demand for durians from China.

Durian harvest in Tien Giang 

Fruit and vegetable exports in the first eight months of 2023 bring in 3.45 billion USD, up 57.5% over the same period last year (according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development). Inthere, exported durian brings in revenue of over 1.2 billion USD, accounting for 30% of total turnover and nearly 3 times higher than the turnover of the whole year 2022 (420 million USD).

Durian exports continue to advantages as consumer demand in China is recovering strongly and has increased in the last months of the year, the market imports over 90% of Vietnamese durians.

According to Vnfruit, this September, the largest durian region in our country in Tay Nguyen is being harvested. Meanwhile, durian in other countries is at the end of the season, leading to limited output. Therefore, Vietnamese durian has more opportunities to increase export turnover. It's forecast that durian export value in 2023 could reach 1.8 - 2 billion USD.

The growth of durian exports is also good news for farmers, traders, packaging facilities, and export businesses. However, such rapid growth may affect reputation when suppliers focus on quantity and forget to control quality.

Hundreds of tons of fresh durian are exported to other countries

In the first eight months of this year, the leader of the Plant Protection Department said that Vietnam exported more than 300,000 tons of fresh durian to 24 markets and is proposing to open the door to the very potential billion-person market in India (According to VTV.vn)

Durian exports to China 

Currently, there are many companies and packing and export facilities for durian to other countries. Among them, Ant Farm - has over 13 years of experience in the import-export of agricultural products and is one of the leading reputable companies in this field.

To ensure strict standards when exporting durian to other countries, especially China - Ant Farm packaging factory in Ben Luc, Long An is equipped with modern machinery, smooth operation, and high efficiency and performance. In addition, the factory is also the place where strict quality control procedures are carried out and all products are carefully packaged before being sent to the market.


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