Frozen Durian

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Durian is known as a tropical fruit, native to Southeast Asia, known as the "king of fruits". Although the taste of durian is quite heavy and strong, it contains more nutrients than most other fruits.

The fruit can be up to 30cm long and about 15cm wide, weighing 1-3 kg. The durian meat is light yellow in color. Durian is widely used in many tropical regions around the world, especially in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Durian is a very nutritious fruit rich in vitamins and fiber, along with healthy plant compounds. In 243 grams of durian will provide:

Calories: 357    Fat: 13 grams    Vitamin C: 80%    Manganese: 39%    Niacin: 13%
Fiber: 9 grams    Protein: 4 grams    Thiamine: 61%    Riboflavin: 29%    Copper: 25%
Carb: 66 grams    Vitamin B6: 38%    Potassium: 30%     Folate: 22%    Magnesium: 18%

Ant Farm's Durian - Best Frozen Fruit

Ant Farm select only the highest quality durian and processes it under strict hygienic and quality controls. No artificial preservatives, sugars of flavoring is added. 

  • Ri6 durian is the best durian variety in South Vietnam. Inside the Ri6 durian are the dry, thick, sweet, moderate fatty pulps, the flesh does not stick to the hands with a pleasantly milk sweet fragrance and the ratio of small seeds is up to 40%. 
  • Monthong durian is the most widespread variety as well as one of the most famous exports. Monthong durians are rich and creamy with a very sweet, mild flavor that is low in pungency. 
  • Liquid Nitrogen Durian Freezer Equipment: Freezing time for whole durian, which is extremely faster than conventional freezer, helps to avoid spoilage after harvest, improve the quality of food.

Benefits of Durian

Prevent heart disease: plant compounds found in durian work to reduce cholesterol levels, prevent hardening of the arteries.

Reduced risk of cancer: Durian contains many antioxidants. These substances have the ability to neutralize free radicals - the main cause of the formation and development of cancer cells in the body. Specifically, durian fruit extract can prevent breast cancer from spreading.

Control blood sugar: The glycemic index (GI) of durian is lower than that of other tropical fruits. Therefore, durian consumption can help reduce blood sugar, which in turn prevents the risk of diabetes or heart disease.

Durian shells are quite tough and have many spikes, so use gloves when peeling them to protect your skin from damage. Use a knife and gently peel off the outer shell, then remove the durian's inner meat. Durian can be eaten directly or processed with some other ingredients such as sticky rice.