Seedless Lime

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Seedless lime has shiny skin, large size, seedless, thin skin, succulent, has a sour taste and is not bitter like lemon, fragrant.

Seedless lime is a fruit of the Rutaceae family, has a sour taste, the bark contains essential oils. Seedless lime is also a good ingredient in some oriental medicine for health care. Lemon trees are grown all over the country, giving very high yields.

Seedless lime are grown on a lime tree, of medium or small size. The seedless lime tree has many branches and has thorns about 35mm in length. When the young buds are born, they are red, with a flat egg-shaped lemon leaf and are 5.5cm to 11cm long, and 3.5cm to 6cm wide. Lime flowers are slightly white with a hint of purple or purple red. Flowers grow in clusters.

Seedless lime is native to Southeast Asia. After a while, seedless lime trees appeared in the Middle East and then in North America. Gradually, the lemon variety according to the Spanish merchants, appeared more in the West India region, including the Florida island chain. Lemon trees from the Caribbean quickly spread to subtropical regions of North America.

Fresh, mildly aromatic and watery - Sseedless lime are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world. From Indian Ayurveda beauty recipes to delicious Italian dishes, seedless lime are used all over the world with many different uses such as: spice up dishes, relieve sore throats and even sore throats. Lice can cure a number of diseases. Seedless lime contain many minerals such as vitamin C, pectin, group of B vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and calcium