How To Distinguish Between Thai Rambutan And Normal Rambutan


Vietnam has many different types of rambutan. One of the rambutans that bring greater economic value is Thai Rambutan. So How To Distinguish Between Thai Rambutan And Normal Rambutan? Why is Thai rambutan loved by consumers? Let's find out with Ant Farm!


I. How To Distinguish Between Thai Rambutan And Normal Rambutan

1. Normal Rambutan

Normal Rambutan is grown in provinces such as Dong Nai, Ben Tre, Vinh Long.... Its fruit measures about 3-4 cm in diameter, the skin is red, and breaking open the hairy outer peel exposes matte white, thin, soft flesh. The taste is sweet, slightly sour, and juicy.


2. Thai rambutan

Thai rambutan is a famous type of rambutan that has thick flesh, bold sweet taste, is slightly crunchy, easy to peel, very small seeds, and not too dry. It has a quite large shape and weighs from 50 to 70 g / fruit.

II. Thai Rambutan - Specialty Product From Tay Nguyen, Vietnam

Thai Rambutan is a Specialty Product From Tay Nguyen. If you have the opportunity to travel to Tay Nguyen, you have to enjoy this fruit or buy and give it to people. Rambutans are full of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B5, and fiber. They help lower risk of cancer, strengthen the immune system, and the digestive system function properly. Especially, Studies prove that fiber aids weight loss. It helps you avoid overeating, feel fuller for longer and reduce food cravings.


They can be eaten fresh or made into salads, juices, and jellies. In addition, it also has beauty uses such as darkening of the skin and increasing the thickness of hair, and reducing hair loss.

III. Notes when eating Thai rambutan

Rambutans are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So you can eat them every day. But you can eat 6 - 7 rambutans in a day. You should not consume them in excess. Because they have a high sugar content that may cause harm.


You can buy easily at markets, supermarkets, or fruit stalls. To ensure health and safety, you need to buy it at a reputable store to avoid buying counterfeit goods of inferior quality. Ant Farm is a reputable supplier for many years in the agricultural import and export industry. We are committed to bringing fresh, quality, chemical-free fruit products at the best price.

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